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  • If I decide that the audio I'm linking to in a post is actually an alternate version of a post, how would I mark that up?
    GWG at 2023-01-14 01:32
  • right, unless there's a .json URL or something to rel=alternate link to that doesn't require conneg
    [tantek] at 2022-12-26 04:36
  • it's a good question whether Mastodon or any other AS2 consumer will do rel-alternate discovery to find that
    [tantek] at 2022-12-26 04:32
  • could the individual post permalink pages provide a <link rel="alternate" type="application/activity+json" href="..." /> path to follow-your-nose discovery of that information instead? Or perhaps a LINK rel alternate HTTP header?
    [tantek] at 2022-12-26 04:22
  • you don't need it to preserve the header. you could have them redirect to an alternate bridgy url just for json
    aaronpk at 2022-12-26 03:35
  • <j​acky#7226> I'm inclined to lean on the sidefiles that rely on rel=alternate + rel=canonical
    IWDiscordRelay at 2022-12-10 04:46
  • I do feel like there's a big difference between things like humans.txt and alternate feed files that are generated by the same source that generates the html
    aaronpk at 2022-12-10 03:57
  • I was looking to it in consideration of advertising other forms of a page after I make it via Micropub tbh but I guess emitting info over `Link` using `rel=alternate` might be enough
    [jacky] at 2022-12-07 03:51
  • [@chrisaldrich] I more than appreciate the extra work involved and affordances of the alternate, but I have to say a small piece of #IndieWeb spirit in my soul died as I read this. _sigh_I wonder if anyone is documenting the amount of course material that disappears and dies in LMSs the way that... (https://hcommons.social/@chrisaldrich/109468364069672329)
    Loqi at 2022-12-06 21:00
  • edited /2020/Pop-up/Sessions (+10) "/* Alternate presentations for Webmentions in comments sections */ fix formatting"
    Loqi at 2022-12-05 19:07
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