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  • It's pretty much solely an alternate to main web, using old methods and channels
    Royaljello at 2019-10-22 11:15
  • I'm revisiting Zegnat's alternate method. I do like the simplicity of `u-pronoun`
    gRegorLove at 2019-10-17 00:31
  • That may be more a question for the feedreader than for you. If you have your rel=alternate all set up as on that page, I do not believe there is any more you can do locally.
    jeremycherfas at 2019-10-14 16:48
  • [jgmac1106]: the rss feeds should be application/rss+xml, and the quickthoughts don’t have alternate
    [dougbeal] at 2019-10-14 16:33
  • rel=alternate not alternative
    aaronpk at 2019-10-14 16:28
  • Always use alternate? http://www.rssboard.org/rss-autodiscovery
    [dougbeal] at 2019-10-14 15:41
  • What happens when you have an atom feed, but the alternate link is type=“application/rss+xml”? Do most feed readers expect such errors?
    [dougbeal] at 2019-10-14 15:10
  • tangentially related: i'd love to eventually explore ways of linking mirrors and alternate-ways-to-access (i.e. a Tor onion service for the same site is that - and not a mirror, it's served by the same server)
    myfreeweb at 2019-10-13 23:24
  • other fun tools are rel=canonical and rel=alternate links.. would be a nice convention, you link to the old domain with something like rel="alternate old" and anyone who fetches your page could verify that the old link actually redirects to the current one and consider this an update of the (e.g.) reply that was on the previous domain
    myfreeweb at 2019-10-13 23:20
  • Nah we had alternate transports in the 1980s & 1990s. People just abandoned them
    [tantek] at 2019-10-10 03:02
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