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  • alternate looks like the thing being linkblogged
    [tantek] at 2019-05-20 23:50
  • The link-element for alternate and related could be an interesting pattern for the usecase?
    [frank] at 2019-05-20 23:47
  • <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href="http://atoms.com/df" />
    [frank] at 2019-05-20 23:47
  • [tonz]: Curious as to alternate storage suggestions
    GWG at 2019-05-19 16:37
  • Registrations on alternate platforms like Tito, etc, should also include the ability to RSVP as remote so that organizers don't over order food, etc. https://twitter.com/cathieleblanc/status/1129551069053313024
    chrisaldrich at 2019-05-18 03:11
  • it's more expensive, but I also feel like "one type url and include rel-alternate Link headers if you want to point to other variants" would probably be more reliable
    sknebel at 2019-05-10 20:10
  • so easy to change file extension, add query params, use rel-alternate, etc for a different content type if necessary
    snarfed at 2019-05-10 20:03
  • deleted /Indieweb_for_Education/WPCampus2019proposal "Author request: intended as temporary shareable draft before submission to an alternate location"
    Loqi at 2019-05-06 05:13
  • All this plugin seems to do is change from a rel alternate of type rss+xml to atom+xml
    doubleloop at 2019-04-28 22:25
  • jacky: sure, rel=alternate hreflang=XX is a general recommendation. after talking it through with Zegnat a bit I think I'd go towards having no link in the mf2, even if that makes some consuming cases harder
    sknebel at 2019-04-07 12:41
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