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  • blog-home-page --- rel=blogroll ---> blog-roll-in-xoxo --- rel=alternate type=text/xml ---> blogroll.opml
    [tantek] at 2024-06-13 19:01
  • and then that HTML page could have a rel=alternate type=text/xml that linked to your OPML if you wanted also provide that as an alternative for discovery
    [tantek] at 2024-06-13 18:42
  • like pageA -> rel=alternate -> pageB -> redirectsTo -> pageA should work for this
    [tantek] at 2024-06-11 02:10
  • (only on confirmed alternate/canonical bidirectional links obviously)
    [tantek] at 2024-06-11 02:09
  • and secondarily, do we have a "backlink" rel value for canonical? like rel=alternate or something?
    [tantek] at 2024-06-11 02:09
  • pcarrier there's also a nonced/tokened ATOM feed autodiscoverable at https://github.com/dashboard/ -- looks like `<link rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml" title="ATOM" href="/username.private.atom?token=A54RF3F4XPIJ4TGDV2346FQWERLNUYA"/>`
    [Joe_Crawford] at 2024-05-23 20:21
  • I’m suspicious of the "security concerns", rel=alternate has been an established part of the web platform long before Akkoma, ActivityPub, or Mastodon were even a glimmer in anyone's eye
    [tantek] at 2024-05-16 11:30
  • I found out why the rel alternate thing doesn't work on Akkoma: https://github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube/issues/6389#issuecomment-2114654659
    sandra at 2024-05-16 11:17
  • That rel alternate, if that works (and that's easily testable), that's gonna be the least effort solution on my part so that's awesome, thank you so much ♥︎
    sandra at 2024-05-09 18:41
  • for fediverse search, we know rel-alternate at least works: https://fed.brid.gy/docs#web-searchable
    [snarfed] at 2024-05-09 18:40
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