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  • but yes, alternate means an alternate representation of *the* page
    tantek at 2011-08-10 23:39
  • e.g. from tantek.com to /updates.atom - rel="alternate" is correct
    tantek at 2011-08-10 23:39
  • from a page that shows HTML updates, then using rel="alternate" to link to the feed or activity stream is correct
    tantek at 2011-08-10 23:38
  • tantek: which was kind of the same issue that you brought up with "home alternate" - "alternate" means an alternate representation of a specific page - not a link to something related
    voxpelli at 2011-08-10 23:38
  • tantek: The point I was trying to make there was that the "alternate" relation might not be a proper way to link to a stream of related actvities
    voxpelli at 2011-08-10 23:37
  • tantek: No, the problem is distinct. rel="home stylesheet alternate" is ambiguous. rel="home-alternate stylesheet" (or one of the other two possibilities) is not.
    TabAtkins at 2011-08-10 23:36
  • Frex, defining that "alternate" within a comma-separated rel name has a particular meaning.
    TabAtkins at 2011-08-10 23:36
  • KevinMarks' comment: http://microformats.org/wiki/rel-home#use_with_rel-alternate
    tantek at 2011-08-10 23:32
  • tantek: Did you see my tweet about the semantics of alternate in Activity Streams auto discovery?
    voxpelli at 2011-08-10 23:31
  • theoretical weakness that doesn't seem to have affected "alternate stylesheet"
    tantek at 2011-08-10 23:30
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